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January 4, 2015
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This is Emily's mail/voicemail/email/texts box.

Please leave a note, voicemail, or text here if your character would like to get in contact with her.
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Sure, Raleigh knew she was finally coming back to Siren Cove. Of course, she'd woken up this morning and kissed her mom on the cheek and reassured her that yes, she wanted to go home - it was still home, even after the last few months in Tennessee. She'd known she was coming back, but that didn't stop her from realising about three steps out of the taxi from the Portland airport that she'd done something really dumb.

She forgot her keys.

And it was about three degrees outside, with snow everywhere. "C'mon, buddy." Squinting in the snow, Raleigh didn't even try going to her place -- there wasn't a point with no keys. Her roller bag behind her, she made her way to Les's apartment. She'd gotten dropped off close by, and hey - she guessed that he'd be home.

Ringing the bell, she tugged her coat closer around her-- sure, she'd remembered her boots, but she'd forgotten her gloves so her hands were shoved as far in her pockets as she could manage, Oscar's leash around her wrist as she talked to no one in particular. "Please be home. Please?"
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Hey guys!

Sorry I suddenly up and vanished - I had some RL things to work through, but i'm back! Basically as far as Raleigh's concerned, I'm having her have gone home after the soul issues she went through for a while, and she's coming home after having spent Thanksgiving with her mom and brother in Tennessee.

Although she was pretty good on letting people know where she was, I was not-- so feel free to handwave her letting people know, and I apologize for being gone!

I'm going to tag her into kareoke, although I may not do it until tomorrow-- I'm currently riding the migraine train due to the weather. ;_; So yeah! <3 <3 much looooove, and let's start fresh with plots! Comment here if you've got'm, but don't worry if you don't. :P
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Two days was how much time Raleigh had given herself to feel sorry for herself.

She hadn't even made it that long. A day and a half after she'd had her soul returned, she'd been back at the bakery, cleaning and trying to sort out the mess she'd made. It'd been a struggle; there were so many things that had gone out of control and getting them back in a way that made any semblance of sense was going to take time.

Every day, more things were sorted out. Bills - so many bills, enough that she completely emptied her own savings to pay for them. She ended up having a long talk with Amber, because obviously what had happened was unacceptable, and an asshole move and Raleigh'd ended up giving her a raise and a healthy apology.

Oscar - thank god for Davin - but Oscar was home, and even though it didn't help with the overwhelming guilt that she felt whenever she looked at him, she'd gotten him more toys and he barely left her side; even now, in the bakery, he was lying on the dog bed she put under the table in the corner.

All of that - her orders sorted and calls made and repairs done and ingredients ordered-- didn't do anything to fix the other messes she'd made. The nightmares of what had happened with Mira and Coop; the rest of it, that every single interaction she'd had with people had been just.... awful. Raleigh remembered all of it, and to her she didn't feel different; it'd just changed how her mind worked, and that was possibly the worst part of all.

But today... today, the door to her bakery's open, the smell of pastry spilling out into the early afternoon air as she works on some chocolate work in-between customers.

OOC: Open to everyone! She's got her soul back and has emerged from being a guilty hermit!
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"Look, so, I got your message," Raleigh started the second that she opened the door to her apartment and Joel was there. There wasn't even hesitation, and she didn't say hello, either. Honestly, she doesn't even care, but she just assumes that Joel's very normal sounding voicemail just checking in was related to the fact that his name was on lease for the bakery, and it hadn't even been open in two weeks.

Really, she didn't care. She was just so tired. Every day was a little worse, and she just was sleeping all the time, wrapped in an old t-shirt of Spencer's and a pair of oversized sweatpants she'd gotten from Goodwill. "Don't worry, I'm making the lease payments, I've got money saved up." Not a lot, and way less now than she had, but she'd not gotten around to canceling the autopay.

"I'm not feeling great, so it's nice that you checked in, but you don't need to-" Raleigh stopped in the middle of her sentence, because that's when she realised that Joel wasn't alone. "What's going on?"

She opens the door a little more - not on purpose, not to let them in, but so she can see into the hall. They can see into her apartment, too, and where Raleigh's in front of them with greasy hair, dark circles under her eyes, and a tinge to her skin that says not-good things, her apartment's worse. There's old pizza boxes, clothes everywhere, empty mugs, paper plates-- not weird for a bachelor pad, but even at the worst of times, Raleigh kept wherever she was neat and pulled together. Worse still is her aura-- it'd been brown before, with almost all of the bright bits gone, but now it was more grey than not, even the brown was leeching away. All that she knows is that she wants to go back to bed, to tell the truth.
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Packing up all of Oscar's toys, she tried again (unsuccessfully) to get him to go into his crate. He was barking at her heels with every step she took, staring up at her. He only took the time to sleep when she did, he tried to hop into her lap the best he could when she sat down, he tried to jump into the tub while she showered-- it was making Raleigh insane, and that's what'd sparked the twitter post.

Also, this had been going on for weeks, at this point. Weeks, of Raleigh trying to do the right thing, to figure out what's wrong, until she gave up. She just gave up, and that's why when someone knocked on her door, she immediately pulled it open, Oscar's bark finally fading from where it had certainly been audible for some time.

He moved away from her for the first time since she'd left the house, staring at Davin with his head cocked then looking back at Raleigh, almost like he wanted to lead him like Lassie to the well. Something's wrong, and the corgi knows it even if Raleigh doesn't believe it.
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After the day she's had, Joel had better have this shit figured out.

Her leg hurts, for one. She's been taking the potion thing he's made her pretty much constantly for the last couple of weeks, and she figured she should stop before he just up and fixes it... but she's not used to it, anymore. That, and she's been doing some things that maybe she shouldn't, like clubbing and wearing heels, but it's not like she's going to let anything hold her back from what she wants to do.

Except now? Now her leg hurts.

He'd first talked to her about it almost a year ago, and maybe it's taken him this long, or maybe he's been too busy with Spencer and Dane and honestly, she gets that she's not married to him or his son or whatever, but they're supposed to be family. She's tired of coming last with people - and yeah, she's last, because otherwise he would have probably fixed her leg sooner if he could have done it this whole time.

At least, that's what makes sense. It's what she told himself after he called. He said that he'd finally figured it out, but it's not like he's really had time to look into it lately, what with the baby and all - she wondered just how long she'd been dealing her leg, and he'd known how to fix it. Well, maybe not dealing because he made her the potions, but it's not like having to take them every six hours was easy.

But she's finally fired that freeloader Amber, and maybe people just don't get how hard it is to run a business, but she's here, and Joel will fix her leg, and then she can figure out what the hell she wants to do after that. So she knocks, and pastes on a friendly smile that actually ends up looking vaguely irritated, to get this show on the road.
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"Yeah, I don't care." Raleigh was standing in front of Orchard House, her hand on the open door as she nods towards the sidewalk. "I don't want to be open today, so we're not."

"But- Raleigh, we've been closed three days this week, and I have to pay my rent." Amber, the college student who was home for the summer who Raleigh had working the cash register most days stubbornly stood in the shop.

Raleigh's brows shot up, and she smiled sweetly. "Honey, you must be under the assumption that I actually care about your lack of preparedness. Do I look like I care? I said I don't. You should have saved some money or something, it's not my problem. Now, out. I have to lock up."

Staring at her boss, Amber slowly started to gather her stuff. "What is wrong with you? I can't- I can't just not have work. I mean, I love your bakery, and I used to love working for you--"

"Used too?" Raleigh paused, and her lips pressed into a thin line. "You know what? Here. I'll make it easy for you. You're fired. Now get out of my store before I call the cops." Plastering on another smile, she shrugged her shoulders like Look what you made me do, before she cleared her throat.


"I said you're fired. Are you bad at English, too? Here I just thought it was your basic math skills. Out." Raleigh watched her go, her lips quirking up into a tiny smile as she tugged the door closed, humming as she locked it. She just doesn't feel like working today - this evening she's meeting Joel about her leg, and that means she just wants to sort of... soak it all in, before maybe he'll actually be able to fix it. Nevermind that she's got an audience to what just went down - she honestly doesn't care.

OOC: Open to everyone! Her last post before ppl figure out What Is The Something That's Really Wrong. :D
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There's no reason for her to go out. It's not a birthday, or a reason to celebrate. Instead? Raleigh's bored. She's bored, and she'd mentioned it to Les, and that's why she's going out tonight. She can hear the music thumping more than a block away from the club, and her heels click on the sidewalk.

She's taken the potions that Joel makes for her so that her leg doesn't hurt, and it's no surprise that with what she's wearing and the way she smiles at the bouncer, she gets in without having to pay cover.

It's after she's inside that she fires off texts to her friends, finds herself a drink at the bar, and scopes out the crowd. It's times like this that she realises that being nice doesn't really get you anywhere - and sometimes, not being the polite, sweet baker isn't exactly how you have fun.

OOC: Open to everyone as a gathering! Hang out with Raleigh, each other, whatever! Note, she's at about half-soul-sucked, so she may be acting a bit oddly. Set for Saturday night.
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"Hey! Stop!"

Raleigh's walking Oscar - it's a long walk today, even though it's definitely making her leg regret it - and she doesn't even pause when she hears somebody behind her yell. It's the beginning of tourist season, and the sidewalk's full of people she doesn't know, and she's so worn out from the last week that she doesn't really have the energy.

"I said stop! I know you!"

Huffing out a breath, she keeps going; she hates it when people yell in public. She's got that Southern mentality, the one that keeps disputes behind closed doors where it's between the two of you and everyone else listening at cracks to figure out the gossip.

The last thing she expects is the rough hand on her arm that yanks her around. Stumbling, she catches herself on the parking meter that's next to her as the guy - mid forties, handsome in that New-England-Polo-Shirt-and-Sperrys kind of way - stares at her.

"It's you! It is!" Oscar's exploded into a barking, growling, half-grown dog between them, and the guy steps back as he raises his voice. "You know what I'm doing? I'm calling the cops. This is the girl who shot me! Back when we were medieval or whatever? She shot me and took all my money! She's a thief!" The tourists had backed up into a circle around them, with Raleigh, Oscar, and the guy in the middle. "She could have killed me!" He's pulling out his phone even as Raleigh protests and tries to explain as the people who're just staring at her shake their heads, and a phone, then another gets pulled out to film the whole thing.

"It's not- I'm not- I'm not a thief, I- It wasn't me--"

OOC: Raleigh's Fairy-tale shenanigans have come home to roost! Open to anybody. :D
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This keeps happening. Her friends get hurt, they get taken, they disappear and end up in the hospital and she's been there. She's been that person, she's been the one who's gone and scared and sure she's going to die, and there's no way in hell she's ever going to let that shit happen to the people she cares about.

Not as far as she can help it, anyway, which means she's got four things. She's got Oscar with her for the walk to Mira's house, because she's not going to give them another thing to worry about with her vanishing, and she's got her phone, she's got the knife she started carrying after she got taken last year, and she's got mace.

The walk's short - there's police cars outside of Spencer and Joel's house, and it makes Raleigh's stomach twist. She trusts what Coop said, she trusts that they've got their part of it handled, but god, she's so angry, she's so upset because this keeps happening, and would it fucking hurt the universe for once to make it so that Spencer and Davin both don't have to go through more of this shit.

Knocking on Mira's door, Raleigh takes a deep breath, trying to seem like she's got her shit together and not like she wants to just start kicking things, just in case Mira's not the one who answers the door.
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"You have got to be kidding me! Seriously? Seriously?!" Raleigh's standing outside her bakery, hands on her hips as the delivery box truck pulls away. Pulls away.

Leaving a full, wrapped pallet of 50lb bags of flour on the sidewalk. Almost blocking the front door to her bakery.

She doesn't really want to have to pull in favors. Not for this, not for a stupid stack of bags of flour that normally is delivered through the back and the delivery guy brings it in and oh, hey! No problem!

But her usual guy's apparently sick, and this guy just vanished and when she refused to sign for it - because she did, what's she going to do with a literal half-ton of flour on the sidewalk? - he just shrugged. He shrugged.

And left.

He left, and he left the flour here, and now Raleigh's just-- The thing comes up to her chest, and she doesn't have a pallet jack, and besides, she's not going to drag the thing around the block or anything. Her leg's throwing a fit today, and it's just--

It's rare, for her to be so flipping angry. She's going to call her supplier, that's for sure, but they're not even open right now, and she just throws the pen that the guy left her with in frustration, not expecting it to bounce off the flour and land at the feet at the person behind her.
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So, it started with a mass text to Raleigh's friends last week.

Somebody's all fancy with nowhere to go, so the party's coming to him!! Housewarming/Easter thing, some booze/food provided bring more if you want, 4/4/15. Be here!

That's the start of it, and Raleigh's apartment's actually mostly-sort-of furnished. Everything's open, the table that Joel made her is against one wall with booze and food, there's seating and music (not country, because she knows that's just her), and it's pretty much a party. Delicious food, good friends, and a good time, and her elderly neighbor's out of town so noise isn't really a problem. She's not that picky about who's here and who's not - not tonight, anyway, since it's just about celebrating her first Real Place.

OOC: If you can explain how you knew it was happening, you can totally show up! Gathering, tag each other, tag Raleigh, whatever! I'll try and hit up all top levels, too! This post is open pretty much from now until people stop tagging, but the actual party is Saturday, in game-time!
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The text exchange had been pretty short, but she'd invited him over to her place after he got off work - she had a coffee machine, and the couch part of was covered, and she figured it'd be a good place to just-- She wanted to talk to him a little bit about Sylvie, because she'd made some promises that she's 90% sure are true, but since he's involved in them...

It'd be better if she let him know.

The good part about only having a little bit of furniture is that you don't really have a lot to clean up before you have company; she's made a pot of coffee, and she's mostly puttering around the kitchen, making macarons because it's a new thing while she listens to the country top 40, and Oscar's spending his time trying to destroy a plastic squeaky dinosaur she got him a few days ago.

The rest of it, the flour and the cocoa powder is easy to clean up, and the cookies are resting on the table Joel made her because he's amazing, and it's just not all that complicated, just yet. Eventually, she'd have more stuff, it'd be a little bit longer of a dash around, but right now it's just wipe some counters, and you're good to go.
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Today's the day. The silver keys jingle as Raleigh tries the front door of her building, and she tugs a little bit on Oscar's leash. "C'mon, baby. It's okay." He's a little hesitant - stairs are still scary to him, and Raleigh knows she shouldn't, but she sighs and ducks to grab him, carrying the corgi up the stairs. There aren't a lot - four steps up for the first floor apartment, and she opens the door, unable to stop the way she exhales in a rush.

It's all new - empty, echoing, but it's clean and bright and hers, and Raleigh's just.... it's a little overwhelming. "Welcome home?"

She'd mentioned that she was getting her keys today to a couple of people, and shrugging off her backpack, Raleigh wraps Oscar's leash around a doorknob so she can put the beer in the fridge in case people do stop by, and she unloads some other groceries, determined to make it seem like home.

Moving her stuff from Spencer and Joel's was ridiculously easy, given how little she has. Most of it's things that they'd given her, or she'd picked up since she opened the bakery in October, but she knows she'll figure out the things she's missing over time. Once she's settled in, it's a simple thing to start putting together bread, because she just wants to make this place home.

Luckily, her bed arrives while the dough's rising, so when she finally pops it into the oven, amazed that she's... she's got a business, she's got her own place that's not super far from Joel and Spencer's, but still closer to the bakery, it's like she's a grownup.

"Holy shit, it's like it's real."

Never mind that she's sitting on the floor of her empty (mostly) apartment, drinking beer and eating pizza while bread bakes, it's still really freaking exciting, if you ask her.

OOC: Feel free to pop by at any time! If she wouldn't have let your char know she's moving, you can also catch her moving a few boxes in. :)
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Hey guys,

As you may have seen (or been seeing, really) on twitter, I'm going through a rough patch with my incredibad job and trying to find a new one.

I've put Chris ([personal profile] huntlikedavid on Hiatus as well as Raleigh, although I would definitely be interested in slowtimeyish threads for Raleigh because in general, she makes me happy, if I can swing the brains to tag. (I may also tag into things with her, and I will try my best to tag back, it's just sometimes I just... can't. =/ I'll check first to make sure slowtime's okay.)

Chris is down visiting his son in Georgia, and Raleigh's just.... being Raleigh. Working, baking, trying to find an apartment. I'm hoping that I find a new job soon, because she's got a new puppy named Oscar, and I'd like to do things with him still being a puppy, lol.

So I'll leave you with the adorable puppy, and ILU all. I'll still be on the twitters, and grasping at straws to find a way to GTFO from my job.

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She'd bought the potion yesterday; it'd been in the back of her mind, that she should stop into the new business in town, because why shouldn't she? It made sense, just to be neighborly, and when she'd gotten there - she didn't really know why she bought it - maybe to be a rebel, the way that she bought a lottery ticket every now and again.

There's no way this could be real. That's what she'd thought, even as she'd drunk it last night, and then Raleigh'd gone to sleep without so much as a care.

In the morning, though... her cellphone alarm beeped and she scrubbed a hand over her face, before covering her head with a pillow. She didn't want to get up, and god, she wished that right there, on the night table, that she'd could just have her coffee magically appear because it was cold. It was cold. That was the thing she missed the most about Tennessee, about Boston, that it was so freaking cold, and she felt like she was always cold. And her coffee - she knew already what it would look like, her favorite mug, with cream and sugar, steaming because it was -6 degrees and she doesn't want to get up--

She smelled coffee.

Blinking, Raleigh raised her head, and--

Well that's how her morning went. It got stranger after that. The baby's nursery now contained a basket of toys from Raleigh's own childhood, as well as the walls being painted a cheerful green and covered with safari animals. Joel and Spencer were still asleep - she still got up at 4:30AM so she could get to the bakery on time, and... well.

Her bakery unintentionally sold out before ten - she doesn't realised she'd caused that, too, with her own worries and particularly vivid picturing of empty shelves, but the coffee machine broke the way she'd been afraid it would and her cashier called out sick... the way she'd thought she would when the coffee machine broke, and so now? Now she's standing out on the sidewalk, staring into her cup of coffee in the the storybook-falling-snow, because she's starting to realise what's maybe going on, and she's having a really, really hard time not... thinking.
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The holiday this year is so incredibly different than the last.

Last year? Raleigh was holed up in the boarding house, no one in 300 miles but her shitty boss knew her name, and she was so poor that she was eating rice, beans, and leftovers from the Seaside bakery.

This year, everything's changed. Orchard House is chugging along astoundingly well; Raleigh puts in long hours, but it's paying off. She's been able to hire somebody else to work the register, she's getting custom orders - the whole thing. She has friends. Honest to god friends, and she's got enough money that she's actually got presents for people. For a lot of people - it's a mix of cookies and things, but there's a little something for everybody piled on the table in the back corner, and one mass-text later she's humming through the bakery, music playing from the speakers, warm cider in a carafe, and everything's warm and cozy.

She looks at it, at this business that she's made with the help of this whole town, and she can't help but smile. Tonight? Spending tonight with friends and found-family? That's what this whole thing's about.

Gathering post! Raleigh will tag everyone who tags in, but feel free to tag one another, too. :) It's up to you if they have gotten a text, or just heard the music and seen the crowd. Everyone'll get something!
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She'd have to be blind and deaf not to hear the gossip of what happened with Davin. She's not either of those things, so even though it's before the ball - she's got a dress and shoes and the whole thing back at home - the bakery closes at two, and Raleigh's got a bakery box swinging from her fingers as she makes her way to Davin's apartment. He's told her where he lives, and she rings the bell once she gets there - and tries to stay on the DL, so his downstairs neighbors wouldn't know that she was here - she'd rather not end up having a confrontation with another baker if she's got a choice.

Raleigh's got no real way to know if he's got an intercom or not to let her in, so she just waits, but she'll definitely make sure he gets what she's brought, if nothing else.


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